Video Gallery

© 2018 Tony Maj

A Compromised Arrival  2018


Shoes That Pinch   2018


Curiously About Clocks  2018

Viola If You Please  2018


Secretly Vanilla  2017

Taloola's Blessing  2017

Without Grace  2017

Apricot Berlin 2017

Candy with Girl  2017


Voices Attached  2017

Singing Canary 2017


Immunity is a film about the psychological impact of coping with dark thoughts and disturbing memories.  With the use of shapes and space to create a sense of the passing of time, the film plays out with a period of reflection and ultimately draws attention to the problems of mental welfare. 2017

Venice on the Left is a collaborative performance by two Sheffield Hallam University students, Lucy Lound and Damien Fisher.  2017

Same Bird Twice 2017

Unlike Peaches 2017

An Orchid to Keep 2017

My Black Hands 2016